In an interview with APA the next day, Neumann said that a fourth board depends on whether you need it or not.

In an interview with APA the next day, Neumann said that a fourth board depends on whether you need it or not.

Shortly afterwards, Novomatic boss Harald Neumann contacted Thomas Schmid (at that time head of cabinet von Löger) and asked if he had read the article and asked him that “someone from ÖBIB” should say “that 3 board members are enough and the team until the next Year does not want to change !! “

“Please tell Gernot Blümel too! «

Schmid replied to Neumann’s message: “Please tell Gernot Blümel too! Didn’t you mention that yesterday?” The Novomatic boss reacted by saying that he must have done so and that one had to react to the article, “otherwise everyone will believe that this is coming now !!” In an interview with APA the next day, Neumann said that a fourth board depends on whether you need it or not.

“Talked to Gernot”

Even before that, in February 2018, there was contact between Neumann and Schmid on the subject of casinos and an approaching supervisory board meeting that the supervisory board chairman Walter Rothensteiner wanted to convene. Schmid suggested that Neumann meet with Löger to discuss the “next steps”. The next day Neumann sent a message to Schmid, which read: “I talked to Gernot! Looks exactly like us! Believe he will call you too. Lg Harald.”

Also the talk of “Seb” and “SK”

Did Gernot Blümel mean? In further news two days later there was talk of research “regarding Schelling and the Czechs”, with the addition “concerning the meeting with Seb”. Sebastian Kurz? According to the official memorandum, this is what the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office sees, as “Profil” reports.

And also a few days later Neumann asked Schmid again whether there had been a decision “on the part of SK or GB” “regarding Casino International”? It is not clear whether Sebastian Kurz and Gernot Blümel are really meant. What is certain, however, is that both Neumann and Schmid are accused of bribery in the casino affair. However, all of the accused reject the allegations; they are presumed to be innocent.

The Casinos case concerns the appointment of the then Vienna FPÖ district councilor Peter Sidlo as CFO of Casinos Austria AG. He was elected to the board in spring 2019 with the votes of the casino shareholders Novomatic and the Republic of Austria; the supervisory boards of the Czech Sazka Group abstained. The Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) is investigating eleven suspects as to whether Novomatic gaming licenses have been promised for Sidlo’s order. Among the accused are ex-Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) and ex-Finance Minister Hartwig Löger (ÖVP). All accused deny the corruption allegations.

FPÖ insists on expansion of U-Committee topic

The FPÖ insists on expanding a possible parliamentary committee of inquiry into positions at Casinos Austria. “SPÖ and ÖVP do not want to be looked under the Tuchent,” he criticized statements by the SPÖ boss in particular

Pamela-Rendi Wagner

websites that write papers for you, not wanting to “dilute” the actual object of investigation.

“Anyone who refuses to do this is complicit in preventing real educational work”

“Red and black have been dividing the state for decades. An honest and fundamental reappraisal of the issue of post chatters is now the order of the day”, Kickl went on the offensive in the case of casinos. The Freedom Party also want to review the positions in the U-Committee over the past ten years. “Anyone who refuses to do this is complicit in preventing real educational work,” said the club chairman.

Kickl indirectly attacks Rendi-Wagner

Kickl also questioned the statement of the SPÖ chairwoman that the current Casinos case could have a “much larger criminal and political dimension than previous positions”. He asked himself: “What does Rendi-Wagner know about past occupations that others don’t?” The FPÖ club boss also renewed the demand for an extension of the audit rights of the audit office, for example in the area of ​​state-affiliated companies.

The fact that the ÖVP top appears in the investigation of the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) on the Casinos case was criticized by the deputy SPÖ club boss Jörg Leichtfried. He sees this as confirmation of the SPÖ’s position to quickly set up a committee of inquiry. “Our assumption that this criminal case also affects Sebastian Kurz’s closest environment has apparently proven to be correct,” he wrote in a broadcast.

Internal investigation could relieve Sidlo

The casino’s internal investigation into the appointment of Peter Sidlo (FPÖ) could relieve him. The “Presse” reported this in its Thursday edition without citing the source. The final report should be available at the end of November and will be discussed in a special supervisory board meeting on December 2nd. General director Bettina Glatz-Kremsner (ÖVP) had already been optimistic at the beginning of November.

The Supervisory Board of Casinos Austria has commissioned the lawyers Georg Schima and Stephan Frotz as well as forensic experts from the auditing firm KPMG, among other things, to check whether the appointment of Sidlo has violated the law or not. Correspondence and e-mails as well as the management and supervisory boards are examined. The investigation was initiated after it became known that the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) is investigating whether Novomatic gambling licenses were promised for Sidlo’s appointment.

Sidlo has been on paid vacation since September. Since this has now been used up, a holiday advance has been approved, as it is said in a “Today” report. In the event of a dismissal by the supervisory board for an important reason, Sidlo would no longer have any claims from the multi-million dollar executive board contract, which actually runs until 2022 – this would be different with an amicable solution. Such was brought into play by the “Standard” on Thursday, citing an insider. Sidlo himself no longer wants to speak to the media. He said he was not going to comment on this or any other question. According to media reports, Sidlo’s contract provides for a fixed amount of 350,000 euros this year, and 400,000 euros annually from 2020. His annual salary can be doubled through bonuses. The replacement of the ex-board members Alexander Labak and Dietmar Hoscher cost more than three million euros, according to “Standard”.

In addition, possible bias of the persons involved in the case at shareholder level as well as the constellation that three out of four representatives of the WKStA are accused by the Casinos supervisory board, make the general meeting on December 10th, which was extraordinary because of Sidlo’s recall, and the subsequent supervisory board meeting into a legal one delicate matter. The “Standard” wrote on Thursday that it would be difficult for Novomatic and ÖBAG to remove a board that they only installed in March in December. The “press” quotes experts according to which it would be better for the accused at shareholder level not to exercise the voting right at the general meeting because they are biased. The three accused supervisory board members would do well not to exercise their voting rights, the report said.

The ÖBAG announced on Thursday that an “expert with power of attorney” would take part in the general meeting as the ÖBAG shareholder representative, but this was not unusual and was also handled in this way at other general meetings, according to a spokeswoman. ÖBAG sole director Thomas Schmid is one of the eleven accused of the WKStA, rejects the allegations like all other victims.

NEOS demand Schmid’s “immediate dismissal”

Meanwhile, the NEOS demanded Schmid’s “immediate dismissal” by Finance Minister Eduard Müller. “It cannot be that Thomas Schmid will stick to his chair after this scandal,” said NEOS economics spokesman Josef Schellhorn after further chat minutes with Novomatic boss Harald Neumann published by “profil”. However, dismissal should not be so easy to accomplish, since ÖBAG is a stock corporation and is therefore subject to stock corporation law, which would make the supervisory board responsible. ÖBAG supervisory board chairman Helmut Kern had Schmid backed a few days ago on ORF radio.

Incidentally, because of the same legal basis, the casino shareholders cannot simply recall Sidlo at the general meeting. According to the German Stock Corporation Act, this can only be done by the supervisory board “for an important reason”. However, if the owners withdraw their confidence in him by a simple majority, this is to be understood as a mandate to the supervisory board to remove Sidlo from his position, according to the “press”. The largest shareholder, the Czech Sazka Group, is promoting Sidlo’s dismissal, but needs the approval of at least one of the other two major shareholders, Novomatic or the state holding company ÖBAG.

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Natascha Kampusch escaped 13 years ago

from the basement dungeon, she is abused and insulted on social media and online forums. Because she did not correspond to the classic victim role, she was repeatedly attacked by parts of the public. Many users would have wished her death, said the 31-year-old.

“It always hit me most when someone said that my imprisonment was just a walk.” In her book “Cyberneider. Discrimination on the Internet”, which will be published on Wednesday (October 9th), Kampusch wants to share her experiences and calls for harsher punishments for cyber-bullies. Kampusch will present her book in Vienna for the first time on Tuesday evening.


Psychologist explains why Kampusch is repeatedly attacked

“Internet Police”

Kampusch has an international “Internet police” in mind, which should intervene immediately in the event of a crime and help those affected. Women in particular are often targeted by bullies on the Internet. Victims should not endure the attacks in silence, but rather document them and involve the authorities, advises the Viennese.

As a ten-year-old Kampusch was kidnapped on the way to school and held in a cellar for more than eight years. In August 2006, the then 18-year-old managed to escape. Hours later, the kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil killed himself.

Immwer again allegations

Since her self-liberation, she has repeatedly been accused of not showing herself as a broken victim in public. “You see me smiling and it never occurs to you that I am so happy to be in the world and to enjoy my freedom, precisely because I have been through so much terrible things,” writes Kampusch.

Another book planned

She also wants to cope with her drama in her new role as a writer. Another book is also being considered. Kampusch did not want to reveal the topic yet. In addition, she works with organizations that stand up for people who experience discrimination on the Internet.

“I’ve been greedy, media-savvy, lying or scolded for food”

“I have already been scolded greedy, media-savvy, lying or addicted to food,” writes Kampusch in her third book. It took her a long time to stop being hurt by these words. To this day, however, she has not understood why she faces so much hatred. The fear of being instrumentalized by others has become a constant companion for them. Often she also noticed that passers-by on the street secretly took photos of her that later reappeared in the media.

Kampusch doesn’t want to stay away from social media

Kampusch, who is active on Twitter and Instagram herself, does not want to stay away from social media completely despite the negative aspects. She also receives positive mailings and likes to discover people with interesting hobbies and professions on the Internet. In addition, she sees environmental and animal welfare issues that are important to her. “I think it’s very positive that so many are now committed to environmental protection,” said Kampusch.

No malicious quotes in the book

On the 192 pages of her book, she deliberately refrained from malicious or hurtful quotes from the Internet. “However, I have decided not to give any of these tirades of hate unnecessary space, because their authors really do not deserve it.”

“I am also against feeding trolls. However, there is hatred, bullying and insults on the Internet that you simply cannot leave uncommented. If only to prevent people from accepting such behavior as the norm,” she explained towards the APA. Above all, the rule of law must react faster and more effectively. “In some cases, it would be hugely important to be courageous and set precedents.” In addition, attention is not always an advantage for net bullys themselves. “At the latest when it comes out how absurd the people in question are acting on the Internet.” In addition, she demands that the subject be taught in schools.

Kampusch, who as a child wanted to be a reporter like Superman’s friend Lois Lane, will not be silenced in the future either. She has developed a feeling for injustice and can well imagine working with aid organizations.

“The new opportunities and technologies that are now available to all of us on the Internet, as well as the awareness that bullying is a great evil, protect me a little from people’s resentment. Most people stand behind me and that is unbelievable strong feeling. “

“Because I can!”

The author appeared relaxed and open. She read enthusiastically, laughed a lot and the large audience appeared benevolent. Time and again, when she deals with Natascha Kampusch, she has her own particular joke, even if she primarily deals with serious issues. In the course of the evening not only various aspects of virtual bullying were shown, but facts were also mentioned, such as the enthusiasm of their kidnapper for the right wing scene and his reading “Mein Kampf”. He celebrated September 11, 2001.

She sees an antiquated image of women as a cause of rejection. Then there would be dissatisfaction and a lack of empathy.